Sunday, May 27

The Pixies are proliferating!

I love making dolls! How did I never know this before!

Here is Pyro Pixie.
She is the pixie of fire. She loves this time of year, as it's getting colder and more people are lighting fires.
She often hangs around hippy gatherings ready to rush in unseen to put out some burning body part of an un careful fire twirler!
But mostly she loves her home. She lives in  a cave. A nice safe, warm spot for a lovely fire. She's a Winter warm-body (like me), loves to snuggle up in front of a fire, making warming flower petal soups for her family.
She looks after all the small Forest creatures during Winter, sharing her warming magic.
Here she is sitting on my wood chopping Block (must have been trying to tell me the weather was about to get freezing and I should chop some wood!)


Luscious Lea said...

Looks like you are enjoying your latest craft :)

Hellena Post said...

love your work! Awesome to get passionate:)

Pixie Avril said...

ah we have been discovered! LOL tis another fire pixie I love snuggly warm and fires as well as being quite scared of them also. A cave is the dream home :D thank you for giving a wonderful home to another pixie :D

Ariad said...

Lol Pixie :) Nice to eet you, I love Pixies <3

Ariad said...


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