About Us

Welcome to our lives.
I invite you to learn with us and share with us, to teach us and care about us.

This blog is about my journey. A journey that I am lucky to share with my four wonderful children and their father Peace, and all of our extended family and friends.

This journey is full of change, is fraught with challenging times, but is also so full of love and awesomeness.
I write this blog to record my kids learning, to keep a dairy of our days, to inspire others with how we live and to encourage interaction.

I love the Internet and how it can provide community for the isolated and unity for the world.

My four beautiful children constantly inspire me and keep me learning about life and parenting.
They are the lights that have kept me going in my darkest times, they are the beauty and laughter for my soul.
My partner Scott (Peace) is the one who understands me. He is my constant in an ever changing, crazy world.

And me???
I am just a little mung bean in this huge, ginormous universe; trying to make sense of why I am here and trying to have fun on the way.
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