Thursday, January 29

Best Boobie film ever...

ou've got to see this. If you are in any way interested in breastfeeding!

Tui's very first feed...

A friend has put together a beautiful montage to celebrate her first year of breast feeding her baby. Hopefully she has many more years of joy ahead of her!

You can visit her here.

I love breast feeding. I had my first child 14 1/4 years ago and I'm coming up to my 13Th anniversary of breast feeding. It's everything you can offer a child. It's life changing for the mother as well as the child. It is the most awesome thing you can ever do for someone else ever.

Feeding the delicious Tui in her naked glory...

Please, please promote extended breast feeding.
Here are a couple of sites about extended breast feeding.

A close up ( a bit blurry) in case you haven't got the picture yet!


hippymummy said...

Absolutely beautiful. I feel that my greatest achievements in this life are my lovely children. The feelings of pride and mutual pleasure are beyond words. Every inch of those suckable toes to the tips of their button noses and everything in between has come into being because of our bodies. Those saggy boobs, stretched tums and all the other bits that'll never be the same again, they're the bits that have given out babies life. I've had my fair quota of children, 7 isn't a bad count and I know my family is complete - the fact that I'm actually single might have some thing to do with that too! - and I can accept that (that's not to say that if I won the lottery I'd keep to that decision!) but it's the fact that I'll never breastfeed again that makes me more sad, well not sad but a bit wistful maybe? One of the greatest gifts we can ever give our children, and definatley the first after delivery is the gift of feeding them with our bodies, as was intended by nature all the way along xXx

Currawong said...

Oh, such beautiful pics! Thank you XXX

I agree HM, my ds2 is two and we don't plan anymore. I was thinking the other day that I should enjoy it now because I may only have a couple of years left!

Anne said...

:) Beautiful photos....
Thanks for sharing.
Wow! 13 years of breast feeding - that's amazing...:)

Little Loopity is 20 months now and we're still going strong on the boobies. I'm amazed that my small boobies(I'm usually size B - bugger all... LOL) can still feed him. He is a big boy with a big tummy to fill :). I'm a small built woman that has these huge bubs. They start off small and get big very quickly. I'm taking each week at a time. My goal was 2 years but I'll see how he is in a few months. I'm hoping he will self wean. As I'm not having more, I'm enjoying my bubs because before I know it he will be all grown up.

Just curious - how old were your children when you stoped day feeds?

suzanne said...

Hi Ariad

I support breast feeding 100%. I fed all my babies till almost three. I follow homeopathy too so the combination has brought about (for me) very healthy children. 12years later and I still clearly remember breastfeeding Brogan as if it was yesterday. What precious memories..

Warm regards

Genie said...

Breastfeeding ROOLS!!!
Those photos are delish Ariad.
I miss feeding so badly. I still offer my 3 and a half year old the breast even though he weaned himself nearly a year ago.
He tells me.. no milk left mummy.

lotusbirther said...

You are so right, breastfeeding is absolutely the best thing we can be doing with our young ones and promoting breastfeeding is really worthwhile. Sometimes it can seem a hard slog, especially here when in contact with NHS managers and even midwives! Thanks for the important reminder. :-)

Anonymous said...

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