Wednesday, May 1

Sex made me Pregnant and Pregnancy has made me a Lunatic.

Yes, I am expecting!
I am expecting many things. I am expecting that the Sun will rise tomorrow morning; I am expecting that I will get a home-made card and a nice lunch on Mothers Day and I am expecting to give birth to another child later in the year.

I am also expecting that being Pregnant will change my sense of being for awhile.

I find the hormones coursing through my body will change my focus in life and direct my attention inward. They will make me have awesome, awareness-promoting pregnancy dreams and also make me more likely to lay awake at night pondering things I never usually stop to think about.

I expect that I will also ramble on a bit about things that have very little interest to others.

Tonight I have been pondering how I really dislike the term “Expecting”.

Whenever I hear the phrase “Expectant Mother” I find an image of a woman waiting at a Train Station pops unbidden into my head. I imagine her with an expectant look on her face…she is waiting; sometimes she looks excited, sometimes a bit apprehensive, a bit impatient. Her kids running around her feet as she taps her foot and glances at her watch every now and then…

Another thing that bugs me about Pregnancy terminology is the 40 week pregnancy thing. I prefer the old fashioned women’s terminology.
I am pregnant for 9 months. And by months I do not mean an arbitrary amount of days written on a calendar designed by the Romans, I mean a proper Moon-th, based on a Lunar Cycle… and when I say “Lunar Cycle” I am not talking about the bike I ride around on naked when celebrating the full moon… but the length of time between one full moon and the next.  

A Lunar month is approx. 29.53 days x 9 = 265.77 days.

This equates to 37.96 weeks…close enough to 38 weeks for me.

The whole 40 week thing seems to have been designed by the medical profession to round things off to a nice even number but as a side-effect it is just another falsity that takes away from our femininity, our connection with Earth and Moon, our innate Women’s wisdom.

Just as our Menstrual periods are correlated with the Moon so are our pregnancies.
I am not pregnant for 40 weeks. I did not become pregnant on the first day of my last period.
In fact it was sex a while after that that got me pregnant!

Yes! Sex…that old taboo subject…is that maybe why Dr’s would prefer to talk about our last period…so they don’t have to mention sex...regardless of the fact that this is how we got in this state?

So talking about Sex…the other day while driving with the three youngest kids in the car I was listening to a conversation they were having in the back seat.

4yr old…” What’s if X got pregnant and was going to have a baby?”
8yr old…” She doesn't have a boyfriend. And you need a boyfriend to have sex to get pregnant.”
4yr old…”I know that!”
8yr old…”Do you know what sex is?”

…at this point 13 yr old interrupted with…”I think she’s too young to tell her about sex.”

They went quiet for awhile.

After a minute I asked 13yr old…” Why do you think she’s too young? I mean she was created by sex. We all were.”

13yr old thought and said “I guess so.”

This lead to a long discussion about how talk about sex is taboo. How this has led to many peoples hang-ups and bang-ups about sex. How sex is why we all exists and is totally natural and how it is only culture, religion, media, the warped world we live in that makes sex a disturbing subject, makes it dirty. We talked about how sex is pure and natural and actually vital to the human race…after all, we are all a product of sex so how can it be bad?

I love being able and willing to have discussions like this with my kids. I love that they are not scared or worried to ask me about anything they are curious about.

I don’t think that talking about sex with children is in anyway damaging. In fact I believe the opposite; that not talking about it as if it’s the most natural thing in the world we should discuss while out for a drive, is much more likely to be damaging.

To refuse to discuss the topic, to do so uncomfortably would be to lead the kids to assuming that the misinformed images, the distortions of sexualised behaviour that are portrayed throughout society are correct.

So after we had finished the conversation everyone was quiet for a few minutes and then a little voice piped up from the back…
“Anyway… I do know what sex is!
 It’s when a man puts his penis in a woman's vagina. So there!”

So there, indeed!
And it is as simple as that…

Sex made me Pregnant and Pregnancy has made me a Lunatic.


dawn rose said...

congratulations i hope it is a happy healthly experience, i find my pregnancies realise my creativity more. x

Ariad said...

Thanks dawn rose.
I find that too with creativity :)

sue said...

I'm so very happy for you :) xx

Starr Sonam said...

Wonderful, the best thing I have read in a long time...

onika said...

Congratulations, such excitement! Great convo with your kids. Haha. X

Kimmie said...


Kelly said...


KingHawk said...

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