Saturday, September 25


I always wanted to get some silkworms when I was a kid but never had the opportunity. So today when I was at the markets and came across a woman selling them I had to get some. I told myself that they'd be a great l;earning experience for the kids but really it was me that wanted them most:)

We talked to the woman selling them for ages and she told us how long their life cycle lasts, what to feed them, and how to look after them.
I had always thought that they ate mulberry leaves (which they do) but you can also feed them other things.
Apparently if you feed them beetroot leaves their cocoons turn pink. And if you feed them cabbage leaves they turn out green.

So when we got home the kids went to the garden with me and picked some beetroot leaves and some cabbage and some mulberry leaves and divided the silkworms into three boxes.

It will be fun to watch them grom and see how the cocoons turn out.
The whole day we talked about lifecycles, how silk is made which led to other fabrics and where they come from. I love how these learning opportunities seem to arise from everywhere.


Kimmie said...

Fabulous~! I wanted them as a child also and never came across any when Brenton and Rhiannon were little. Would have loved to have done this with my pair!


Kelly said...

Great!! I kept silk worms as a child and often speak of silkworms to my children! How I would have gotten some too at that market - for me mostly! Enjoy those silkworms!

karisma said...

Cool! Can't wait to see what happens!

Shadi said...

Loved your post even though it's from 6 years ago! What happened to the silkworms who were eating cabbage and beetroot leaves? Did they survive? Did they produce colored cocoons?
Love to here back,

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