Sunday, September 26

A tree, a bike and a rope

This morning we found this weird looking fungi in the yard. We'd never seen one before and while having a close look at it noticed that it stinks...Rain gagged when she smelled it.
We then went and looked it up in our trusty fungi book and found out that it is rare around our area and that it smells like rotten flesh!!! Well, we'd already found that bit out!

We then took a car load of kids down the river and after lots of huffing and puffing got all the boats and rafts blown up.

Then Mr T came up with a great new extreme sport this afternoon. He calls it bike sledding!


messyfish said...

oh dear...the fungi is freaking me out. I am so glad I dont have to smell it, but it also looks sooo amazing. Most freaky is Mr T and the bike sleading! exactly how long do I have before my baby will be doing some crazy stuff like that??

Ariad said...

Well, he just turned 6 so not long! :)

3maree3 said...

Ariad, I'm with messyfish, that fungi looks fab! and as much as I wouldn't like to smell it the curiosity has the better of me lol :p
Mr T reminds me so much of my boy who's 8yrs lol. That's quite a clever ride he's made himself hehe!

Anonymous said...

OOh the fungi sounds... interesting lol. It definately looks strange! I love silk worms too and would love to get some, for the kids of course;)

lors said...

Ariad what a beautiful top and you look great in it. Just made for your body shape, great work. You are one creative person. Looks like you are all having great fun especially Mr T


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