Tuesday, September 28

A Summer top and Rainbow crop

Just finished my new summer top. The pattern (from my head) turned out ok. Although I might make the next one a bit longer in the front and do braoder crocheted straps instead of corded straps. I've already started another one in black, chocolate and cream :)

And this morning I picked this beautiful rainbow Chard. I've tried to grow it before but have never had such variety in the colours. I love it!


jodi said...

wow, you're obviously in the thick of creativity. Vibrant and beautiful - your creations and you! x

Kimmie said...

Ariad you make such a beautiful model for your gorgeous top~!

Love the pretty colours of the rainbow chard!


karisma said...

Very nice! You are so clever! Hugs xoxox

suzanne said...

Hello Ariad

What a lovely Summer top. I am inspired. I learnt to crochet basic square yesterday. I hope to make a blanket for Winter next year...Giving myself plenty of time~ I just had a browse around your blog and just love the photographs of you swimming in the creek. I would love to have a creek for my kids to swim in. I really want to go hunting for one .

A happy day to you

Ariad said...

Thanks Suzanne,
Good luck with your blanket and finding a nice swimming spot :)

majikfaerie said...

wow! just wow! that is amazing, gorgeous, fantastic, impressive... and the crocheted top is really nice too!
I also approve of the colour

Lea said...

Wow that is gorgeous!!

messyfish said...

Very pretty!

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