Thursday, May 24

My magnificent girl and her flying machine...

I am so enjoying Tui at the moment (well, I enjoy all my kids most of the time) She is turning four in a couple of weeks (can't believe how fast my baby has grown!)

If I accidentally call her my baby now though, I get in BIG trouble...
"I am not a baby!" she'll say, looking at me as though I am a bit slow on the uptake :)

Lately she's been talking about a flying machine.
First time she mentioned it she just said that she wanted one.

Then the last week when we were driving along in the car she was looking out the window up at the sky when she informed me that..."when I get my flying machine I'm going to fly right up to the clouds and paint them all pink."

Two days ago she was talking to Peace (who is currently trekking in the Himalayas in can follow his adventures here at Adventjah Cirkus on Facebook.) He told her he would bring her a present when he comes home...she asked for a Flying Machine!

So this morning upon waking (and we were up very early because she wanted to see the Sunshine coming up) she looked at me and said "when Daddy gets back I'm going to be so excited to see my flying machine!"

Oh dear...sometimes when kids ask they think they will be answered...I thought I'd better gently diffuse that expectation.
So I told her that I don't think they sell Flying machines in Nepal; that they are very hard to find.

And the magnificent child just sighed and responded...
"well, I'll have to make one then. With my tools." (yes, she does have a tool box with a real hammer and some pliers)
"but Mum... You'll have to help me buy the stuff to make it."



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Luscious Lea said...

Too cute. I always tell my little man that no matter how old he gets he's always going to be my baby, even when you're thirty. :)

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