Friday, July 13

Renovations :)

It has been awhile since I posted and as you might notice my blog has a totally new look. It feels fresh and clean and easier to navigate.

My blog isn't the only thing I'm renovating.
I've been busy giving my life a do over; cutting out the old wood, a lick of paint, a fresh new outlook.

I've been trying to spend more time outdoors again.

At Hells Hole in Mount Jerusalem National Park, NSW, Australia
 I used to spend a large part of each day outside; in the garden or playing in the kids garden with the children, but since I have been renting a house with no garden space I've spent too much time indoors.

My stint at being a solo parent is over for now. Scott has returned from his six week trek in Nepal (you can see heaps of pics of his adventures on face book at Adventjah Cirkus.) and is living here in my spare room.

At first he was going to stay here until he found a new place to live but it's working well as it is at the moment.

The kids are so happy having access to both their parents all the time and it's great to have Scott around to share the parenting.

Our time living apart for the last 18months has taught us both so much. We have both learned about treating each other with respect, about not taking each other for granted, about appreciating how much we each do for the kids and each other, about each of us having our own space and me time, about creating our own individual happiness and not relying on or blaming each other.

So we are back living as a family but are creating a new way of being together.
We have so many shared goals in common as well as our shared love for our children.

Yes, at times I feel trepidation, but I'm also excited about where this new journey of walking side-by-side will lead us. 


A Blessed Life said...

Love your post and the pic at the end is very true,43 years on in our lives has proven this many times,through storms and drought in the love area we seem to be like salt and pepper shakers,it is not a set with only one so we are still a pair.If it works for you and you are peaceful then it is right.Blessings from our home to yours.

Hellena Post said...

Love the new look of your blog, and the realisations you're coming to......hope it all lives up to your dreams!!

Ariad said...

I love the salt and pepper shaker analogy A Blessed.
And thanks Hellena :)

Pixie Avril said...

thank you for sharing this wonderful new road your family are on :)

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