Saturday, March 31

High Tea or "Hi Tea!"

Continuing on from the last post...there seems to be a theme we had High Tea instead of our regular dinner.

Dinner has degenerated a bit to an 'around the TV snack' or a 'gobbled down' affair. When I lived with Peace we usually sat at the table to eat. Not because we were overly formal but because it was the best most convienient place to eat.

I love the dinner time conversations, the 'dishing-up' ; usually done by one of the kids could take quiet awhile. But most of all I loved spending that time together as a family at the end of the day. Time when we could all chat about what we had done, about what we might do tomorrow and just love and laugh together.

Since I have been solo parenting in my own home (I say this to distinguish from single parenting...I don't single parent in general...Peace is a very prominent part of the kids lives...I am just solo parenting in my own home) meal times have become more of a 'get the kids fed' ordeal.

So tonight, I decided to put in a bit of effort and do something special.

I told the kids we were having High all evening Tui kept saying 'Hi' to her cup of tea! LOL

We set the table

made cup cakes and cucumber and avocado sandwiches with th crusts cut off

the mad hatter was present!

Rain poured...homemade lemonaide for the kids

and I poured wine from my teapot!


Kimmie said...

Love this! Especially the Mad Hatter ha!

Luscious Lea said...

Looks wonderful!

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