Monday, April 9

A Bunny called Fried Rice.

Last week Tui told me she wanted a Bunny.
"I have Teddies and Dolls but no toy Bunny."

We found a basic rag doll pattern, Tui chose some fabric and then we started making Bunny.

After Bunny was stuffed and sewed we added some big floppy ears and a bow to Bunny's neck.

Later that day while sitting in her chair cuddling her new Bunny Tui informed me that Bunny's name is Fried Rice.

"Because I love fried rice!"


Luscious Lea said...

Cute bunny, love the name too!

karen said...

fried rice and its friend are both adorable:) Your Hi tea looked like lots of fun

Anne said...

Very cute...:)
Katie has made a cat and hand puppet.
Theres nothing like home made toys...:)

Ariad said...

So true Anne! I love home made toys :)

karisma said...

So sweet. What a lovely name. I also love home made toys. So much nicer than plastic ones. Great job, the bunny is very cute.

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