Sunday, March 25

The Mad Hatter

After re-watching Alice in Wonderland recently I was inspired to make some dress up costumes.

Tui got this Alice outfit made from a couple of old sheets.

I then had a try at hat making. I have never made a hat before and it was a fun process, researching how to do it on the internet and then sourcing materials. and improvising materials I couldn't find.

I am pretty pleased with the finished hat.

Tui has actually claimed it as 'hers', she prefers to be the Mad Hatter than Alice. And it does look very cute on her.

She wore the hat to town today.

Here's a pick of her with the hat and Daddy's BIG boots!

I think I'll try to make some more hats soon :)


Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Happiness beams from photos of your family; thank you for sharing.

Kimmie said...

Love it!

karisma said...

Very cool! Goes especially well with daddy's big boots.

Bel said...

That is one cool Hatter hat! I love the Alice costume, recycled sheets is the way to go. We love dressing up here. :)

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