Thursday, August 11

Space and relationships

I wanted to share this wonderful Post from one of my favourite bloggers, Hellena Post - Creatrix.
Every good relationship needs lots of time for personal space doesn't it?

In her beautiful way she has written about her relationship with her partner. There was a lot I relate to in this post. I've never met Hellena in person but through reading her blog I feel like I have met a kindred spirit.

She talks about how there is a common belief that people need space in relationships but how her experience of her relationship is different. I loved reading every word.

I've never been one to follow rules. And the expected rules of how a relationship should run has always baffled me.
-first we must date
-then we can call ourselves partners
-then we can commit to each other
-but always maintaining our own personal space to do our own things and be our own people

I've always believed in love at first sight, I've always believed in following my heart when it comes to relationships. If I want to spend every moment with my lover because I believe I have found my soul mate, because I enjoy their company, because I am so in love that I want to immerse myself in our mutual love then I will. And there is nothing wrong with that.

I love this quote from her post...

 If attitudes sent towards Currawong and I show a collective attitude towards closeness in relationships, maybe folk are too scared of being consumed by someone else and becoming ‘co-dependant’ (which incidentally is a totally inappropriate term to apply to close relationships, as the term was originally coined to describe the partners of drug addicts who helped their partners to get their fix) to really experience great love.

Anyway I can't do justice to what she has written by giving my opinions here. Go read the article...


A Blessed Life said...

I have not visited and read the article yet,just thought I would tell you of our family mixture with relationships, first Bob and I,43 years on we still do most things together including work...
Our daughter has been married 13 years and she and hubby do almost nothing together,Kate even takes the kids to the beach and activities alone,they love each other to pieces.
Our son and his wife also married 13 years do everything together ,fight like a pair of cats love each other to pieces also.
Who has the best relationship?,who is happiest?...who knows all I know is that neither 3 are perfect all the time ,however none would change a thing.I think there is no right or wrong,just what is right for you.xx

Hellena Post said...

Yeah, it takes all sorts....thankfully, cause we'd be awfully boring if we all had the same needs and opinions.....but thank you Ariad!!! I've been away from the library for a while, so I didn't see this till just now, and I'm absolutely wrapped that you dug it, and wanted to share, and hopefully we'll meet up in real time sometime soon!!

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