Monday, August 15

A Brand New Day

I think I've finally found the energy or the drive or whatever it is to move on.
I woke up this morning and just thought "Stuff this! I am so sick of being sad. I'm just going to get over this."
Maybe it'll work maybe it won't but I have had enough of my self-centered, me-focused depression.
Time to look at my kids and make their lives great through making mine better.
All those people who hurt me are now left to deal with their own shit.
I wash my hands of you.
You have no power over me anymore.


A Blessed Life said...

As they say in the old westerns Yea Hahhhhhh you go girl...prayers and hugs to you xx

Kimmie said...

Yea Hahhhh indeed!


Nelly said...

Good on you. upwards and onwards!!!

Eirini said...

Many many virtual hugs,girl!I've just discovered your blog and I am impressed.You are a great source of inspiration,keep blogging!

Tracy x said...

excellent !!!

Sharynne said...

That'll work - all you need to do is make the commitment you've made, and it'll work just fine. You go girl!!!

karisma said...


Louise said...

love and light to you

poadie said...

We Care,sending lots of hugs and best wishes. Gail and Dave

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