Friday, June 3


I have been informed that my last post was very one-side and it made Peace appear like an $**#^#**.

Sorry if I gave this impression. But let me point out that my blog is about my life and my thoughts so by its nature it IS one-sided; because it is about me!

It always has been about me. When Peace and I were together he took no part in making this blog; occasionally he would read it.

Maybe I should clarify that I had a part in the break-up of our relationship. I am very well aware that "it takes two..."

And maybe I have also directing bitterness towards Peace.

I in no way intended to make it appear like he is to blame, we both decided we no longer want to live with each other.

BUT my last post was describing the way I have been feeling about it and to me is very accurate.


Kimmie said...

Hugs n luv

Luscious Lea said...

Sorry you've been made to feel this way.

sue said...

Sending you much peace and a big hug too :)
blessings sue x

messyfish said...

oh if you weren't feeling bad enough....but as you said, this is YOUR blog. And you get to write what you want!

karisma said...

I don't think your post was one sided at all. It left me wondering what you may have done to make him feel that way but not like you were attacking him.

We can not be responsible for the way people interpret our beliefs or actions. This is entirely their problem and their journey. Just as this journey is between you and Peace.

You just keep being you and say what you need to say. We love you and are here for you. Much love and light to both you and Peace. I hope the healing period goes a little more smoothly and that others try to mind their own business a little. You will both heal in your own time and in your own way. Big big hugs beautiful lady! xox

Ps... and if it was him that said it, well, I still feel the same. We all act out and respond in strange ways when we hurt. Sending you both a whole bunch of loving healing vibes. xox

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