Saturday, June 4

Moving right along

Time to start being grateful and looking at all the positives I do have in my life.

I have an awesome place to stay temporarily...this place is soooo much better than a tent! And there are always interesting people to talk to down at the Rainbow Temple.

I love the new area I have moved to. Everywhere I go I seem to run into old friends and am meeting some amazing new people.

I have a wonderful pile of fabric to sew a new skirt today :)

I have a supportive family.

I have wonderful children.
(And they really enjoyed visiting their cousins the other week. Here are some pics.)

Tui and her youngest cousin, going for a cruise.

Tui cracking up laughing because she'd never been in a stroller before!

Tui, Rain and Little cousy, chiiling in the hammock.


Y_T said...

What beautiful children you have! Here's to more happy :)

Luscious Lea said...

That bike is awesome, would be a great photography prop.

Your kids really are so beautiful.

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