Saturday, March 5

So...what do you do?

Often when people ask me what I do I hang my head and say oh, not much. I just stay at home with my kids.
Well, that's crap!!! I do so much and am so much more than just a housewife. I don't have any 'qualifications' other than my own experience, I have no formal higher education, but I am constantly learning. Next time I am asked I hope I have the courage to speak up and say what I do. And I hope the person asking has the attention span to listen to it all :)

So what DO I do???

I am a writer
I am a crafter
I am an eco-warrior
I am an artist
I am a lover and creator of beauty
I am a musician
I am a healer
I am a dancer
I am loving and kind
I am a gardener
I am an event planner
I am a chef
I am a student
I am a business woman
I am open and loving
I am a nurturer
I am psychic
I am a traveller
I am a spiritual being
I am a mother
I am a meditator
I am a lover
I am a creator and holder of beautiful nurturing spaces
I am a teacher
I am ME.


Bel said...

And you are a friend. And an inspiration.

Ariad said...

Thanks Bel :)

Earthdrummer said...

Oh Love this!!
So Good to Affirm who you are!!
A Lovely Womyn with a ton to offer!!

Blessed Be!

Kimmie said...

I have been guilty of same when asked this question Ariad.

Lovely affirming post!

karisma said...


Jessica said...

You are all that and more! The real things we need to be in life have no qualification other then having lived and learned.

I hate people asking that of me and my hubby.Its like being a parent isnt work.These days I always answer with "Education Facilitator".They can then figure that one out.

Monica said...

YAY, sing it sister!

karen said...

Well written!

Annette said...

YES! You are a creator of this experience. So strong and powerful!

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