Friday, March 4

Crochet pattern for little longies.

I finally got around to writing a pattern for the crochet longies I have been making.
This pattern is for a size 2 pair, like the ones Tui is modelling above. I love simple things and these pants are simple, they are made in one piece and there is no making up at the end which is always a bonus.

I use 8ply yarn and a 3.5mm crochet hook.

Start by making a chain 86 stitches long. Join the chain length together to form a circle.
Round 1: 3 chain and then 1 tr in every chain, join last tr to 3rd chain of initial 3 chains (being careful that the work is not twisted)
Do another 8 rounds like this.

For the next six rounds you increase at the centre front and centre back. So tr for 42 stitches, then 4 tr in next tr. Tr for another 42 and two tr in last stitch.
Where you do the four tr is the center back and the two tr is the centre front.

At this stage the longies look like the above pic. You can see the increases in the centre front.
Joining the legs
Now crochet a round of tr around half the pants, doing one tr which joins the centre front stitch and the centre back stitch and continue around the leg. You can keep working on this leg for as many rounds as you wish or join the other leg at this stage.

Legs joined together.

Then it's just a matter of working more rows of tr to complete each leg.
I do about 22 rounds on each leg for a size two.

Once they are finished darn in the loose ends.
I do two different methods for finishing the waist.
The first is to make a twisted cord from three strands of wool and thread it through every second tr in the second row as a draw cord. You could also crochet a long chain to use.
Other times I crochet a piece of 5mm elastic onto the top of the pants. By making a circle of elastic the right size for the child's waist and over-crocheting it around the top of the pants in double stitches.

Note: I have used Australian terms for crochet.
The equivalent terms in the US is...
Where I say tr...US half tr
     "     "   " double...US single


Kimmie said...

Oh my your baby is growing up so fast into a big girl :]

Ariad said...

I know Kimmie! It just happens way too fast.

Luscious Lea said...

Awesome, thanks for posting. I'd guess to you could adapt that pattern to larger sizes, just figure out how big it need to be at the largest hip spot and make your first chain that long.

Would love to see pics of crocheting in the elastic, what kind of elastic do you use?

Ariad said...

Yep, Lea, I pretty much just adjust the pattern by changing the length of the first chain. Also add a couple of extra rows for length before the legs join together. Add an equal no. of plain tr rows and increasing tr rows. :)
I'll get some pics of crocheting the elastic for you

karisma said...

Thank you! They are lovely and that child is just too gorgeous, how do you stand it? LOL I am getting distinctively clucky lately!

Luscious Lea said...

I'm trying this pattern now for master A :)

Caroline said...

This looks so good. I've found lots of the longies patterns out their are far outside my super beginner level, so I'm really excited about this as it looks doable :)

Ariad said...

That's great Caroline, I like to keep it simple :)

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