Tuesday, March 15

Rocky River

We have just been camping on the Rocky River for a few days. On the way we stopped and met some natural learning families for a play at the beach. One of the Dads made this sand sculpture and an awesome sand castle with the kids.

 The home school play went for hours and turned into an impromptu fish and chips dinner at the beach. The kids had so much fun playing and Rain finally met another unschooling girl her own age! And I got to spend some time with the beautiful majikfaerie :)

We then headed west a couple of hours to the site where the Rainbow Corroboree is to be held this coming weekend. It is a beautiful sacred site. We camped right on the banks of the river and went swimming every day.

Mr T found this tree with a perfect hammock ready made from the vines growing in the tree.

I finished another pair of crocheted pants. Tui had to model them for me. Inspired by the corroboree I did this pair in Aboriginal colours.

Here's a pic of crocheting the elastic waist on. Sorry it's not very clear. I use double crochet and crochet around the elastic and through the spaces between the trs in the previous row.

Also had the time to finish a little pair of Rasta coloured pants.

Now we are back home for a while, I'd really love to go back down next weekend for the main corroboree but will ave to see how things turn out.

Love and light


karisma said...

Wow! Those pants look great! And I love the tree hammock. Love and Light back at ya gorgeous! mwah xoxox

majikfaerie said...

was super awesome to spend time with you, can't wait till you come down again

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