Monday, January 3

6, 7, 8, 9 hang your bloomers on the line.

Today I decided to sort and store all the fancy dress costumes. So I rounded them all up and thought they could all use a wash before packing them away.

It was such a strange load of washing on the line I had to take photos.

I love the bright colours and bold patterns in all these old '70's fabrics.

But right in the middle of the washing and the folding and the sorting I had a visit from three very odd visitors.

A very cute clown...

This rough nasty looking Pirate...

And a Disco Diva!
 So I invited them all in for afternoon tea.


Kimmie said...

LOL love this post~!

Luscious Lea said...

What great visitors, it must've been an interesting afternoon tea

PS if you had stuff to get rid of still you should've just told the prirate that it was treasure, he might have taken your loot.

sue said...

hey, wonderful pics n a very happy new year to you all :) x

Ren said...

Fantastic washing!!! It made yearn for sunshine and summer breezes... instead its started snowing again!

messyfish said...

Lovng the 60s print! Can't wait till we get into dressups round here. Cute kids too.

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