Monday, January 3

Stuff and nonsense.

Because I have been packing I've been contemplating "stuff". It is amazing the amount of stuff that we surround ourselves with.
And it's amzing that we manage to surround ourselves with stuff in such a short time and even on a very limited budget.
Our stuff seems to fill in the spaces around us that could other wise be the space we need to contemplate.

Ten years ago Peace and I bought a bus to travel in and we sold all our stuff that we weren't taking traveling with us. We stopped travelling 8 years ago and I was determined not to collect too much stuff, only what we deemed necessary.

Kids seem to come with alot more stuff for the size of them than you'd expect. And our cultures way of celebrating birthdays and Christmas (which is to give stuff) is one way the tiny little cute baby all of a sudden needs their own bedroom. Not necessarily to sleep in (cause Mummy's bed is so much better for that!) but to store an accumulation of stuff in. Stuff that they don't even understand the concept of owning, or using yet.

It's amazing how quickly they get attached to their stuff when they start to understand.

Some of my kids more than others love to keep their stuff even when it is of no more use...broken toys, clothes that no longer fit but that have some sort of special significance.
One of my kids love to clear space (must take after me)
The littlest is only just learning the concept of belongings.

Some of the stuff we provide for our kids we call useful, because it provides them opportunities to learn. Books, microscopes and musical instruments...but I wonder what intrinsic value these have that makes them any greater than other belongings?

Talking about musical instruments, it was only while packing up the house that I realized just how many we have. They are all spread over the place, in different bedrooms, pushed into corners to make space.
One day I'd love to have a room with all the musical instruments in one place, easily accessible, because anything that makes music has more value than just any object... music the balm for the soul.

And in case you are wondering just how many instruments we have, here is a list off the top of my head.
An electric guitar and amplifier, an acoustic guitar, a 3/4 size guitar, and the latest acquisition a pink Ukulele.
3 Djembes, 2 Darabukas, a kids size drum kit, 2 recorders, a bamboo flute, a key board, an African finger harp, an Ocarina, a Kazoo, 3 didgeridoos, 2 sets of clap sticks, various percussion instruments including a xylophone, shakers, a triangle.
And Peace just told me this morning that he'd been given 2 didgeridoo blanks so he can make a couple more digdges.

And another object that I like to believe has more value than it's value as just an object are books. The one thing I really have trouble parting with...

Sigh...all this stuff to fill in the spaces where I might otherwise spend my time looking for magic.


Luscious Lea said...

We do collect such stuff don't we, a good cull is so cleansing.

Must say I'm a little jealous of all your instruments, I'd love to have a darbuka!!

Erin said...

Very cool collection of instruments! This post really rang true with me for all of our "Stuff" has been in the forefront of my mind these past few days. With both of my kids b-days & Christmas & my crazy pregnancy nesting instincts that have taken control over my mind, body & soul ... I have been on a downsizing mission. I often wonder how such a "simple", "non-materialistic" family who lives on such a super tight budget, can acquire so many things?

FaerieMama said...

Amen, Ariad! I'm dumbfounded at how I accumulated all this 'stuff'! Like you, I know books and instruments are two things I don't EVER mind accumulating, but everything else seems so unneccessary! Here's to a simplified, magic-filled 2011!

Ariad said...

I know what you mean Erin. We are simple-living, non materialistic and on a tight bidget; where does all this stuff come from???

majikfaerie said...

I think there's a kind of magic in stuff, just as there's a magic in everything. Sometimes we carry things on our journey, just so that we can let them go, and some things have lessons and can be contemplated, even when you'd never expect to find it.

Ariad said...

mwah majikfaerie

karisma said...

We have far too much stuff down here! Much of which I would rather we did not have. However, since they are not my things I have to put up with them. We also have lots of instruments and nobody even really plays them. Go figure! I am in the process of clearing stuff, where and when I can. Problem is more stuff tends to move in! Hmmmmm!

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