Sunday, January 9

Qld Floods

veiw from the veranda today...and it is still pouring down!

I just can't believe the amount of rain that has poured down over the last month or more. So far we have been having lots of rainy days ut we aren't in one of the really badly affected areas. So far the area of Queensland that is flooded is equivalent in size to the whole state of NSW or the whole of England and Germany combined! And more rain is on the way. Flooding is expected to spread, especially in my local area.

My heart goes out to all the people who have lost everything.
Today the water has been slowly rising around the house and I can imagine the panic and fear that people must feel as they watch the water rise and know that everything is going to go under.


karisma said...

Oh dear! I hope it stops for you! I thought the waters would be receding by now not getting worse. We have had a lot of rain too on and off but nothing like that. Sending along some "rain-go away" vibes! Hugs xoxox

windingcirclelifeschool said...

We also thought they would be reciding by now, and in fact this was the topic of mine an d Hibiscus's conversation not half an hour ago.I hope they do not affect you bad, so many people have lost so much already.Hugs, try and keep safe.

messyfish said...

Hope you guys are ok...

Ariad said...

Thanks everyone we are ok.

sheree said...

rain rain go away
its funny how us humans have forgotten nature reigns.
my problem is wind and one day the winds of the east will rip me from my hill just because she can!

thanks for your comment on my blog, I have spent nearly 2 wonderful hours looking thru your blog and being sent on a wild goose chase to the most wonderful sites with all your links, when I started her I was getting alot of crafty people but not much connecting with my lifestyle but I can feel that changing. so nice to meet you and see into your world.
i have a 2 3/4 year old wild child daughter who lives for nature and anything outside the square so Im loving reading about your kids.

Rainbow love farm sounds great, I need to name my farm?? hhmmm

thanks for finding me, a wonderful connection has been made

raven moon magic

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