Monday, December 20

Moving Madness

We have finally sold our farm! We'll it is under contract so if things go according to plan we will be moving from here in mid-January.
Now it is very exciting to be off on our next great adventure but it is also madness trying to pack up the house  and move over the busy Christmas and New Year period.
This time of year is usually hectic enough but now we are going into hectic over-drive.
Ah well, I will focus on the excitement of what the future holds and try not to get too stressed.

Not to mention that it has been raining solidly here for a couple of weeks which is making it rather tricky trying to pack with everyone stuck in the house and everything wet and damp.
One step at a time I keep reminding myself.

The lounge room has been packed up and now only contains a TV, a Christmas tree and a stack of boxes. It is amazing how the house suddenly feels so much bigger without all of our stuff in it.

And as yet we have nowhere to move to. The loose plan at the moment is to treat moving out as going on an extended camping holiday and start to look for a place to live. No wonder I keep feeling a bit lost. We will literally be home-less in a month!

The kids are all pretty excited, although Mr T who has spent nearly his whole life here has had a few tears about leaving. Hopefully I can help him make the transition smoothly.

Well, I'm off to pack some more belongings, and hopefully get rid of some things so we have less to store...wish me luck and hopefully the kids won't unpack the boxes as fast as I pack


Katy said...

Good luck on your new adventure - we are moving mid January as well so I'm doing the same thing! A lot of packing at night time once Chloe is in bed - I think unpacking the boxes she has helped me with will be way more interesting! Good luck can't wait to read what you get up to x

Ariad said...

lol, enjoy the unpacking. I have a toy in nearly every box thanks to Tui!
And thanks :) Good luck for your move too.

T_Y said...

Fantastic! I'm too looking forward to reading all about this exciting time :)

Erin said...

Oh my ... what a whirlwind! Congrats and much luck on your new exciting journey. That's great advice you are giving yourself too ... "One step at a time."
Much Peace.

majikfaerie said...

you'll have a great time camping around for a while :) *hugs* and don't stress too much.

Jodi said...

I can't wait to hear about your new adventures. Have a Merry Xmas xo

Lobma. said...

Hello Ariad, thank you do much for following my blog.

Your moving will be an upheaval, and for your husband, who has lived there most of his life, especially so. Will you look for another place with land?

Also, it's lovely to come across someone who has seen past the sexualisation of her body, and uses it as it is intended (breast feeding. Not that are't an attractive person.

Oh, I'd better shut up now. :)

Lobma x

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