Saturday, December 18

Papier mache lanterns

This week the kids and I made these cool papier mache lanterns.
I saw some similar lanterns on a blog I read awhile ago, but can't for the life of mw remember which blog and after trawling through heaps looking for the post to link to still couldn't find it.

They are made using tissue paper.

and flour and water glue

when they are dry we punched two holes in opposite sides and tied some string on to hang the lanterns from.

It's hard to see from the photo but in the dark the little tea light candels we put in the lantern glowed beautifully through the coloured tissue paper.

And just because I love it a pic of me in my new sunflower frock.


Anne said...

Beautiful...I wanted to make some of these lanterns with my kids.

windingcirclelifeschool said...

Those lanterns are beautiful.I think it was magic onions, but i have sen them elsewhere too.Time to get creative for us here too! I love the way the multi colours work:)

Ariad said...

You're right I think, magic onions...thanks for that :))

Lobma. said...

Wonederful read. I find it hard to imagine your sun and warm weather though, right now. We have about 12cm of snow outside our back door. And, its freezing?

All the best from a dysfuntional, at a standstill Britain

faith said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate Solstice! Paper mache lanterns in honor of light, a stunning sunflower dress, a beautiful woman with the most amazing background~It is all so stunning!
Enjoy the holiday!

Ariad said...

Thankyou Faith :)

majikfaerie said...

you are so damn gorgeous. er, in the dress,

Luscious Lea said...

They are wonderful!

Love the last picture most though beautiful lady.

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