Monday, December 27

New Years Revolution

This year I am not making any resolutions instead I'm having a revolution.
This year I'm going to be doing things differently.

I'm going to speak up for my needs and for my kids more than I have done in the past.
I'm going to laugh alot and have fun.

I'm going to be more honest with myself and with others and I'm going to make decisions when I need to make them instead of waiting for

Anyone else going to do things differently this year? Love to hear what your plans are :))


Erin said...

I love your idea of a revolution :) Great revolution goals for the coming year!

majikfaerie said...

Viva La Revolucion!
You ROCK!!! ♥♥♥

messyfish said...

Love it. This year I am not tolerating assholes.

karisma said...

Were is the "LIKE" button?

Ariad said...

Thanks Erin MF and Karisma.
Messyfish I definitely think I will be adding that to my revolution manifesto too!

DO NOT tolerate aresholes!!!

Love to you all.

Anna said...

LOVE THIS! Revolution!!!!!

greendraggon said...

Go you :)

windingcirclelifeschool said...

Yes a revolution...i think thats the best way to view how i want to do things this year comming....we are moving on from a bad year...2011, more freedom, less grumpy, more radical.

Ariad said...

whoohoo windcircleinglifeschool. I think a revolution is in order.
I will bedefinitly less grumpy in the coming year :)

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