Tuesday, November 30

Carrot music

Lately Mr T has been into carving carrots. This lead to P and I telling him about Linsey Pollak, a local musician we have seen several times over the years. At one performance Linsey carved various vegetables into usable music instruments.

So out came the cordless drill and Mr T and his Dad hollowed out the carrot, drilled some holes.

And fitted the mouth piece of and old wooden recorder.

And it really works! My camera movie recorder though isn't picking up sound so I couldn't get a recording but it sounds awesome!


Amber said...

Halarious and very clever. Such beautiful spirited children you have..xx

Ariad said...

Thanks Amber :)

karisma said...

That looks AWESOME! What a creative little man you have there! :-)

majikfaerie said...

oh that is SERIOUSLY cool!!!

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