Wednesday, December 1

Pixie Pockets

For years it's bugged me that womens clothing never seems to have enough or any pockets. So after seeing some awesome Pixie Pockets for sale from a designer in the UK T.P.F Farie wear, I wondered if I could make some for myself.
Check out her clothing, it is AMAZING!

Not only do these look funky but you can wear them with any skirt or pants that don't have pockets and totally solve all your no-pocket issues;), or even with jeans.

And this afternoon Rain and I finished her new Pixie Punk skirt (yes, it's not a faerie skirt, it's a Pixie Punk Skirt)

This would have to be my fave tutu yet!


majikfaerie said...

oooh total Get Out Of My Head moment! I was just last week wishing I had one of those funky pocket belt things that all the cool kids seem to have and plotting to make some.
yours look awesome!

karisma said...

Very cool! You have been busy lately, haven't you?

T_Y said...

Yes, brilliant idea so much better than a bum bag eeeewwww! I also love pixie punk skirt, soooo much cooler.

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