Tuesday, November 30

Nuffnag Christmas Challenge.

Nuffnang are having a Christmas challenge. You have to choose your favourite post from 2010 and say why it's your favourite.
I wasn't planning on entering, because actually most of my favourite posts this year are on other peoples blogs.lol
I just went to have a look at the competition, and as much as I would love to win an apple ipad (!!!!yes that's the prize) I'm usually too lazy to enter most competitions.
But the idea got me started looking back over my posts and wondering which ones were my best.

And as I was sitting here late at night with my son awake beside me I rembered this one particular post about a boy who likes to stay up late. I actually didn't look any further, I knew that this was my favourite post of the past year, The Midnight Boy
I love this story because it explains my approach to parenting in parable.

And here he is! The Midnight Boy himself.

And to prove that , yes, eventually he does sleep


T_Y said...

I loved that post too and could completely relate, good luck, hope you win!

karisma said...

Me too! That was a GREAT post! Good luck!

majikfaerie said...

those two are so sweet! ahh, sleeping babies mmmm
good luck!

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