Friday, March 5

LOHAS land

This great new blog I've started reading. LOHAS Land stands for: Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability- Life and Natural Development.

The latest article is about the amount of rubbish that makes its way into our oceans and not only polutes but actually kills some species. It is very sad. The article follows on with ways that we can reduce our own impact. Imagine if enough people started trying to reduce their impact and we started to see a difference in our lifetimes or the lifetime of our children.
I believe one of the best things we can pass on to our children is a respect for nature and the environment and the skills to do this.
Children love gardening. Even if you only have a few herbs in pots children will love helping to pick ingredience for their meals. Plant cherry tomatoes where children can help themselves and eat them straight off the bush. These are skills for life.
And talk to your children about ways to pollute less and create less rubbish.
A simple start is too reduce your usage of plastic bags.

Check out LOHAS Land for more great ideas.

There is lots of info about how each of us CAN make a difference and help clean up and hopefully one day start to heal the Earth.


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