Tuesday, March 2

Rain, rain and even more rain.

This afternoon the water was coming up to the pavers out the front. It's over them now. Glad our house is up off the ground.

The trampoline looks as if it might float away!

But the kids had heaps of fun playing in the puddles!


Louise said...


thats what my boys were doing as well

Erin said...

Those sure look like some fun puddles!

karisma said...

Sigh! I wanna play in the puddles too! I am starting to feel really housebound down here. We had a little rain but not too much. Sick kids and animals have kept me stuck to the homefront. One that was better has now come down with the flu! I do believe we need a good dose of fresh air! Meanwhile I will just drool over your pictures! :-)


Looks like so much fun in those puddles!

majikfaerie said...

so much fun when it's wet!
we're getting loads of rain down here too.

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