Saturday, March 6

Rainy day activities, pirate stuff

It's been raining for so long my repetoir of indoor activities has been sorely tested. So we have been looking up things to do on the internet and last week my dad gave Mr T a set of books Things to make and DO full of activities for just this type of stuck inside weather.

So we made some pirate stuff.
First was a treasure map.

Roughly rip the edges of a piece of white paper.

Scrunch it up into a ball to make i look old and tattered.

Brew some strong coffee, have a cup if you drink the stuff but save some to soak the paper in.

Lay the paper somewhere to dry.

When dry it'll look like aged paper.

Create a map on the paper, you an include sharks and crocodiles and beaches, caves and buried treasure.

And then we made an outfit to wear on the treasure hunt.

The evil (cute) pirate captain and his faithful side-kick!

1 comment:

Erin said...

Great idea on making an "old" treasure map. Really looks like the real deal :)

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