Saturday, November 28

New crochet pattern

I've been thinking about making a little summery top for Tui, and today I came up with a design and had the time to sit down and try it out.

I wanted ot make it with a large mesh pannel because it's so hot here in Summer.
I think it turned out ok, but I'm yet to try it on her, she's asleep after a big day of swimming in her paddleing pool and chasing her brother arournd :)

I'll try to get it on her tomorrow but in this weather is hard to get any clothes on her, even when we go out!


Kimmie and Heartpoet said...

I adore it! Tis just gorgeous and should look lovely on her. Such a pretty top for such a pretty lil bubba :]

You are blessed Ariad!

Ariad said...

Thankyou Kimmie:)

karisma said...

Very cute! I love the colour!

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