Monday, November 30

Making Christmas

Well, the little top fits Tui and she was very proud showing it off.
I've been busily trying to get on top of making a few xmas pressies.

A rasta beanie for one nephew

A shoulder bag for a niece. This was inspired by a pattern on ravelry

And here's rain modeling it!!!


Kimmie and Heartpoet said...

Your children are gorgeous Ariad.
The top looks so sweet on your precious baby girl.
Love your other handiwork are so clever!



Amber said...

They are great and yes agreed, such beautiful kidlings, no wonder you are such a proud mummy..xx

Anonymous said...

You are very clever, Tui looks absolutely gorgeous in the top. I love the bag and hat.

Erin said...

Wow ... great work! I especially like that purple top and Tui's cute little expression. Brought a smile to my face...

Anne said...

Tui look very cute in her new top!...:)

I love Ravelry, I have gotton some great free patterns from there and a huge to do list LOL.
I'm Loopity Lou on there as well.:)

Hellena Post said...

Nice crochet work!! And I love the books you're into, and the lifestyle you're trying to live, and pretty much all the rest of it too:) My soulmate and I live on a hippy commune in SA, have 4 children between us from 1 - 8, I've got another daughter from a previous life at 17, and we're expecting twins in August!! And we're also just realising that we've been radical unschoolers for a very long time... You could have a look at my blog sometime...there's lots of crochet there as well as links to pictures of lots more!! Anyway, thanks for being you and writing about it, and I loved the idea of your blog novel!! I'm a writer too, trying to work out how to ethically publish and get to keep sovereignty of my words....

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