Saturday, November 28

A beautiful day

Yesterday we harvested our first ever crop of garlic and white onions.

I made a couple of onion and garlic braids, they aren't very big but I've always seen these hanging in kitchens and have always wanted to try to make one.

Then the girls played dress-ups.

We set up and decorated the xmas tree.

It was so hot yesterday (and it is again today) so we went for a swim at the river.

When we got home we sat in the shade on the cubby house verandah and picked some pretty flowers from the gardens

...another beautiful day...


majikfaerie said...

wow, looks like a wonderful day! the garlic and onion braids are totally cool. I wish I was there :)

karisma said...

The braids look great! It was pretty hot here too today. We went to the beach for a bit and then I spent the afternoon doing some cross stitch.

Ariad said...

I'd love to learn cross stick K. Today I spent most of the day out of the Sun crocheting

Kelly said...

A very beautiful day. I love your onion and garlic braids and seeing your children decorating your christmas tree. And swimming in the river - that is just the best!!

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