Wednesday, November 25

Kids and Chooks

At the moment we have an abundance of eggs and zucchinis. So zucchini slice is on the menu again. I love summer veggies.

Zucchini Slice
Grate a couple of large zucchinis

Pick the first couple of onions from the garden. (which is exciting because it's the first time we have grown onions and they are so sweet!!!)
Finely chop onions and about 4 cloves of garlic.

Add 1/2 a dozen eggs and season with salt and pepper.
Cook in pie dish until golden on top.
It's pretty simple but is so yum.

And because I love chooks (chickens) not just for their yummy yellow eggs, but also because they are amusing animals to observe and they make great pets, here are a couple of photos.


Darroch Cottage said...

lovely chook pics!
We have the courgette thingy you mentioned a lot too, absolutely gorgeous n the summer, I just adore this eating to the seasons, it just makes things more special when you have them, I think.

karisma said...

Very cool and you have just decide dinner for today! Thank you my love! I just picked my first lot of Zuchhini yesterday and was looking for something different to make. We will give your recipe a go.

I also took some pictures yesterday but have not had time to add them to the blog.

Love the chook pictures. Gorgeous!

karisma said...

Oh PS...How do we know if the onions are ready to be picked? LOL! Its our first time growing them too this year!

Ariad said...

onions are ready when the leaves start to shrivel and dry out, but you can eat them at any stage as sweet spring onions.

karisma said...

Thanks, it was lovely! I am posting about it right now! xoxox

Ariad said...

you are such a sweetie K!!!!

Anne said...


If you run out zuchhini LOL, you can use kale...:)
I make a kale bake. When I can get some leaves of my plant. I had a losing battle with the cabbage moth this season.

Ariad said...

i love kale anne, it was my favorite vegetable this winter past

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