Friday, November 20


Today I met my new nephew Sacha. He is a beautiful sweet little soul. We could only go in and visit him one at a time because he is in the special care ward so it took awhile for us all to go and meet him.

The kids entertaining themselves in the hospital courtyard.
...just climbing for something

We found this one spot in the hospital where you can glimpse the sky and hung out here for awhile.

Sacha looks so perfect and healthy he is just small. Here's his arm and DP's thumb.

The proud Dad.
...and me falling in love with my new nephew.


majikfaerie said...

wow; so tiny!
and so sad that there's just a square of sky.

karisma said...

Oh he is so tiny! Welcome to the world little one! Congratulations Aunty! mwah xoxox

suzanne said...

Hi there Ariad

All I can say is new little life leaves me weak too. I wish your little nephew all warm blessings from down in the meadow....

Warm regards

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