Monday, September 7

Abundance in the garden

The garden is looking great, especially for this time of year. We didn't get much frost at all this Winter and we've had a decent spread of rain over the season (winter here is usually the dry time). I bit of help from wwoofers with watering (which we are still doing by hand) and planting and we've had a continuous supply of veggies for six months.

This great wall of snow peas has been wonderful, there's nothing like fresh peas.

Black Tuscan kale, I've never grown this before and it has done so well and is very tasty.

Newly planted lettuces and pakchoi

Purple climbing beans have just gone in.

This year I planted quite a few members of the onion family. Red and yellow onions and the leeks and garlic are coming along nicely.

And the glorious smell of crushed fennel leaves in the garden is delightful.

This is one of the old crop of pak Choi I have left to go to seed. These are really easy to grow from seed, in fact we usually have a few volunteer Pak Choi popping up all over the gardens.

We ate our first home grown cauliflower this week. I planted them a bit late so they haven't gotten really big but neverthe less they are good and sweet.

And the cabbages are sooooo juicey and crisp.

The last of teh turnips will be eaten this week.

In fact we are so rapt with how the gardens growing we have yet again extended. Have a look at this old post to see how the garden has grown!!!

I love watching all the decidous trees bursting into bud and the leaves growing back at this time of year. The mulberry trees were first to get their leaves and are covered with fruit. It's a race each morning to get any ripe berries before the local bird populating arrives.

This mulberry is planted next to the chook pen. There is another one in the run...lucky chooks!


Anna said...

everything looks wonderful and delicious :-)

Linda said...

Your veggie garden looks wonderful, so productive and full of life :)

Erin said...

Your garden looks awesome!!!

naturewitch said...

Awesome veggie patch! Everything looks so gorgeous and green and delicious. Bet you have some lovely meals from that lot. xx

Kel said...

Wow that vegie garden makes me hungry! Your place looks awesome, I can't wait until we are back on a bit of land.

Naomi said...

what a beautiful garden! I have bed envy, you have more bed space than I do, and I'm gonna run out lol! Looks healthy and lush, bet you are thrilled :)

The Fairy Shoemaker said...

I am so impressed with your veg! Hard work rewarded by bounty, nothing better!
I live for black tuscan through the winter! Its wonderful raw with chopped apple and a honey, cider vinegar and olive oil dressing with loads of black pepper....
ren x

Ariad said...

yeah, we are pretty pleased with all the veg we are harvesting, there's even enought to swap with nieghbours and friends for other stuff:)
Thanks for the recipe ren. Sounds to the garden to pick some more...

Darroch Cottage said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Darroch Cottage said...

Hi Ariad,
I'm loving your blog, I've only read about three pages so far but your lives seem pretty similar to ours - with the exception of your absolutely beautiful children, we just have our three dogs!
Can I ask, in the first photo of your veggie garden what is it you have surrounding all the beds? It looks great and just what we're looking for.
thanks xx

Ariad said...

Hi, we use sawdust on the paths. We put down cardboard or newspaper and put the sawdust over the top to prevent weeds. Before we did this I spent just as much time weeding the paths as the garden itself so it saves me alot of gardening time. The sawdust, because it is so fresh releases chemicals that actually stop other plants growing which is why it's a good mulch for paths but not on the garden.

After a year or so you can scrape it off and use it as mulch or put it in the compost bin and replace it with fresh sawdust.

Darroch Cottage said...

that is brilliant! we even have a source of free sawdust - the local mill lets us have it for the chooks, they have a gigantic pyramid of the stuff! I'd never have thought of that, manythanks

Ariad said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kimmie & Stu said...

Hiya Ariad

Kimmie here from Nth Brissy - Love your blog and lifestyle. Something we here aspire to achieve sooner rather than later. Loved your other blogs also, but could not access one of them.

Do drop by my blog anytime and say hi!



karisma said...

Wow! You are doing so well!

Now I have to go and check my reader! I have not been getting your post updates, Im getting Rains but not yours! Weird! I came here via my own links!

Ariad said...

Hi Karisma, my reader has been playing up to. The other day I went to check it and it said I wasn't following any blogs???

Anne said...

It all look wonderful and healthy.
One day we will hopefully have a vegie patch like yours.

For now I have had little patches at the moment what left of my vegie patch I took with me in the move, My black kale it tiny, hopefully it will grow a bit bigger the Bower Birds don't seen to have taste up for it up here like they did at my other place, but they eaten down my lettuces.

Anonymous said...


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