Monday, September 14

Feeding the chooks

Feeding the chickens is not the quick job it used to be.
Tui loves helping now and likes to feed them a couple of grains at a time:)
Here she is with her bucket of food.

Feeding the chickens

...all gone!


Amber said...

hehehe so funny and cute. I love the facial expression. What a crack up, somethings cannot be

Anne said...

Very cute!..:)
It brought back memories of Katie when she was the same age feeding the my chooks when we had then in Sydney.
I miss having chooks.

Genie said...

*sigh* I want to live on the love farm and feed the chooks too.

Ariad said...

you're welcome anytime Genie

T said...


karisma said...

What a sweetheart! I wish my kids were so willing to help feed the animals! sigh!

karisma said...

PS if Genie comes a farming she better pick me up on the way through!

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