Monday, November 17

Real wealth…or 101 ways to cook zucchini

I am amazed how quickly the new veggie garden is growing. I think it’s because the soil at the new site is so much better. The old garden was closer to the house but digging there was almost impossible. We built up the soil with heaps of cow and horse poo and bags of mushroom compost but it just wasn’t doing much.
Under the new garden the soil was black and rich and the spade literally sinks in. We added a lot of organic matter again and raised the beds slightly above ground level. It is right by the dam so watering it is easy and with the recent rain even easier still!

garden 26th september

the garden today

The eggplants(aubergines) are flowering now so some yummy meals coming up….

And the zucchinis….we may not be wealthy by conventional standards but right now we are rich in zucchinis. I don’t call it a glut, I call it real wealth. They only grow for so many months and by the time we might start to get sick of them the season is over. And there is always enough to share with our family and friends when they come to visit. I love being able to share my wealth! So I’m making the most of zucchini season and being creative in the kitchen. So far we’ve had…
Zucchini fritters
Mushroom and zucchini pie
Grilled Zucchini on Bruschetta
Zucs stuffed with rice and herbs
Pasta with tomato and zucchini sauce
Steamed Zucchini
Zucchini slice
…and there’ll be many more to come

Peace has started work on the third garden bed and it’s almost ready to plant out. Yesterday our wonderful friend from the Organic Olive Farm brought over a whole tray of spring onions to plant and a bag full of seed. We were happy to receive the present but sad because he and his family are moving out of the Olive Farm and won’t be so close anymore.
And much to our surprise he gave us another gift, a beautiful telescope for the children.

The universe is so wonderful. Good friends are also our real wealth…


hippymummy said...

I know this sounds silly but could you post a picture of a zucchini so i can see what they are?
The garden looks grand and i hope that your wealth continues to flourish so that you have enough to share with all your nearest and dearest xXx

Anne said...

Yum, my Zucchinis are just starting to come on now as well.
Ive been puting ued coffee granules
around the base to keep the snails and slugs off them.
The Mushroom and zucchini pie sounds good. I would love the recipe ;)

jodi said...

abundance - what a wonderful thing it is.

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