Sunday, November 16

The recent rains have really livened up the garden. For two years we have struggled to keep everything alive, against the drought and in winter the frosts. (Yep, even though we live in Queensland Australia we do get frosts here.) So it's been wonderful to have a break from watering (which involves carrying buckets from the dam) and just sit back and watch things grow and bloom.

Some of my beautiful flowers at the moment.

It's rainig again now so hopefully our tanks will be full soon.


hippymummy said...

It does seem strange for us over here in Blighty that you in Oz have frosts. We all think it's all sunshine and beaches over there. you know,xmas on the beach n barbis everyday. Lol! How many stereotypes in one comment! It's like us always having a stiff upper lip and saying "tally ho!" all the time! I'm glad your getting a bit of relief from watering, sounds like hard work, your garden looks lovely xXx

Carle said...

Heh the purple Agapanthus grow in the wild here. As kids we called them Aunty Agathas Panties - lol

Hope you get lots of rain, our tenant left his tap open and went away and he drained out most of our rain water - sigh... so now we are franticallyinstalling a solar powered pump at the dam. My plants are all looking so thirsty.

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