Friday, November 14

Peace has been teaching the kids lots of survival skills lately. He loves doing anything outdoorsy and so do the children. They can all light fires with just a flint and have also done it the way where you twirl a stick until you get embers. That way takes such a long time and a lot of patience and I was surprised that they kept going.

Two days ago they set up a water trap. It's a big hole that you line with leaves etc (you can even pee in it. Which Mr T did with glee). Peace placed a jar in the middle of the hole then they covered the hole with a sheet of plastic. Over night or a couple of days the moisture evaporates out of the leaves and soil hits the plastic and condenses and drips into the jar.

They uncovered the hole today.

Mr T was so proud that they had 'made' water.

Beautiful fresh water, out of leaves and pee...good enough to drink!

In the background you can see how the veggie garden is flourishing. I'm might have to do a post soon on 101 ways to cook zucchinis!


karisma said...

Zucchinis Yum! I love fresh ones, last year we grew so many we ended up with a few rather large ones I cut them in half and stuffed them!

What a great way to make water! Mr T looks very proud of himself! Sweet!

hippymummy said...

I know this sounds stupid but what is a zucchini? (spot the thick english woman!). It's great that your kids'rs learning such amazing skills, not too long ago i reckon that we'd all've learned these pretty early on in our lives as a matter of course - dunno tho' if i'd be as brave as young master T tho' and drank it?!! - you necer know when it might come in handy to know that. Lot's of love and fun to you all xXx

mscherrylane said...

I'll remember this...just in case....however I'm still wondering how the water doesn't have any residual pee taste...

Ariad said...

hippymummy,a zucchini is a corgette or marrow.

Amber said...

Oh lovely, your kids are amazing. They are going to grow up to be such wonderful people in the world. This gives me hope that my children will love and breed with other folk like yours.
I love zucchini and hope you really do put some recipes up...xxxxx

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