Friday, July 3

I am so mad

I can't explain how angry I was when I heard the horrible news of the new Homebirth legislation. Others have said much about it probably more eloquently than I can.

Three of my four children were born at home and it was such a wonderful and safe experience. These fucking stupid politicians who ignore the research and have no experience themselves shit me!

Especially checkout Sazz

This awesome song by Currawong

And if you are anywhere near Camberra there is a save homebirth Rally on September 7th.


Donna said...

I hear you, it is bullshit! My last child was born at home and I hate to think this choice to birth at home may no longer be possible for women. My partner and I will be traveling down to Canberra in September for the rally.

Erin said...

Even though I reside in the states ... I am angry too! It's not right for government to force a woman to birth in a place they do not wish to birth in. I am sending so much peace, courage, wisdom & strength to all of the homebirthing mommas your way, in hopes that you can somehow make a difference.
Thanks for posting those links too. All that Sazz was top notch!

Currawong said...

Yeah, that's what it comes down to, doesn't it? The government is forcing some women to birth in a place they don't want to. It's absolutely, disgustingly despicable. I am so angry!

Anne said...

It's crazy - I'm angry that the choice to home birth may no longer be possible for so many women.

Ok, I had 2 elective caesars. I wasn't forced into this decision by any doctor either. My body, my choice(this may piss a few people off). But, I was amazed how easy it was to get it - crazy, isn't it. It should be this easy for woman to give birth at home with a supportive midwife what wants to be there.

I wasn't going to have any more children after what happened to Katie. I didn't want another baby of mine to go through what she did - lucky for her she was a small baby. I didn't like having my stomach cut open to give birth to my sons. People will argue if this is called giving birth! I called it a takeway baby. You're whipped in and whipped out just like a fast food restaurant - all over with in 20 minutes.

I wasn't going to let my boys go through a traumatic birth like Katie did, and the effects of a busted arse for me wasn't pleasant either. I still suffer from this and Katie has motor ticks and forgetfulness more than the average child. But I would have loved to home birth if it wasn't for my faulty hips, which is a genetic fault from my dad's side of family. I hope this gene skips Katie when she has children so that if she wants to home birth, she can.

Sorry, I'm getting away from my point. If I had a better family history of child birth I would have loved home births for my children, and probably had 4 by now. It wasn't my journey but I wouldn't want that choice taken away from another woman.

Little Lou is over 2 years old weighs 14 and a 1/2kg and still breastfeeds. He's a little possessive of the girls (LOL).

Ariad said...

Anne, I totally agree. Homebirth may not be everyones choice but it SHOULD at least be a choice. Great to know that there is some understanding support from someone who has had to birth in hospital :)

suzanne said...

Hi Ariad

I can well understand your anger. My goodness what rubbish. I sincerely hope that doesn't filter down to South Africa. I can think of no other place to Birth a baby than the wonderful peaceful comfort of my home with the wonderful loving care of a midwife.

I join you in your anger and fustration.

Hang in there!

Warm regards

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