Tuesday, July 7

Alternative transport

Well if the peak oil crisis ever happens I'll be sorted!
I'll just use kid power to power my car.

P has been doing some work building sets for a spanish TV show. It is a reality show like the mole but called El Troppo. I don't ever watch reality TV but I have heard that in this show the contestants must do challenges to win things. One of the challenges involved pulling sleds wearing these padded harnesses.
Well the TV show has been canned because ratings back in Spain were not so good. It's unbelievable how much money they have setting up this show only to close it down. Somewhere in the vicinity of $1,000,000 each day so far!!! And all for some crap commercial entertainment.
But anyway back on topic, P got these harnesses out of the rubbish bins as they are throwing so much stuff away. The waste is unbelievable.
But the kids had some fun with them so in my opinion it was all worth it;) The harnesses are now hanging out of a tree as swings.

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karisma said...

LOL! Now theres a plan! I also am amazed at what people throw out, it really irks me the waste of it. I always pass things on or give them to charity.

Zak came home the other day with a perfect banana chair and some brand new garden stakes still unopened in the packet. I was rapt. I have wanted one of those chairs for ages and just never bought one. Its perfect, like new. And he was so proud to bring it home for me! LOL! He was rather disgusted at the fact that they had thrown out so much "good stuff" on the street. Other kids had been breaking it. Such waste.

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