Thursday, July 9

Home sweet home

We've been spending most of our time pottering around the home lately trying to make it a cosier nicer place. We have started renovating the bathroom. It is quite a big job. The ceiling needs to be replaced as the material they originally used is not designed for wet areas so it has gone mouldy, tiling needs to be done around the floor wall junction. We have had to replace the sink cabinet, tile a splash back, build a linen closet and paint the whole room.

It's not quite finished yet but is starting to look good. Another week or so and it'll be one flash bathroom! At last I've got somewhere to store my towels...I wonder how long they will look this neat though?

Yes, these things do take time, especially when you've got lots of little helpers!

Tui was helping her daddy install the new cupboards.

I've also been trying to spend at least a little bit of time in the garden each day and it must be paying off as it is looking nice.
I love cooking with this curly leaf Kale.

Some of the vegies were hit by an unseasonably early frost but all the cool climate ones are doing well. The parsnips and turnips, the Kale, cabbages and cauliflowers and broccoli. And last week I planted some red onions, white onions, leeks, garlic, more beetroot and some black Kale.


lettuce and spinach

Loads of yummy mandarins at this time of year

and beautiful sweet Jap Pumpkins

I can't wait until this gets big...I love cooking with fennel

The wild ducks have taken a liking to my radish tops, and I've finally found some yummy recipes for radishes

I was a bit sick of only using the radish raw in salad, but have now been putting them in soups and stews and they are delicious baked.
Talking of recipes I. made this for dinner the other evening with all our fresh food from the garden
Baked Beetroot, fennel and sweet Potatoe Salad.
Bake some baby beets cut in halves or quarters, some fennel bulb pieces, and some sweet potatoe. Season and sprinkle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Serve on a bed of salad green (including the wilted leaves of the need to waste these nutritious leaves) Sprinkle with goats feta and a dolop of garlic aolie. It's a really filling salad and makkes quiet a meal on its own.


Erin said...

Your garden looks great! We've got a ton of curly kale now too. I fry it up with some butter and garlic and top it on pasta & such. Curious if you have any yummy recipes for kale??? I feel like there is so much more I could/should be doing with

Fritz Cardozo said...

Your home always looks like a fun haven of growth and goodness. The vegies are coming along nicely. And so cute is that little helper.

Anne said...

My kale look like your radish tops.
The Bower birds have discovered my vegie patch. They also like my chives and curly leaf parsley too.

Your vegies look wonderful. :)
My pumpkins failed again this year. I think there a fungus disease in the soil that making them rot and fall off.

karisma said...

The garden is looking fabulous! I did not know you could cook radish, we have to give it a try too. They grow so quickly! I have also been trying to sort our small garden out. Not much growing at the moment so Im thinking of pulling most of it out and returning the soil ready for spring. Its been really cold here.

How sweet Tui looks helping her daddy!

Gina said...

Your garden looks amazing and I love the 'helping papa' photo too'!

Gina xx

Kirby said...

I'd never thought to bake radishes. It seems so obvious now..... Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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