Tuesday, June 16

One year old already!

It was Tui's first birthday yesterday. My how time flies!!!
And she still loves her boobie!!!!! Hopefully she will for a couple more years yet.

I think her most enjoyable moment was when we all sang happy birthday. At first she just looked bemused that we were all singing together and then she started clapping along. I think we ended up singing Happy Birthday about 100 times during the day just to see her smile and clap her hands.
We went to theMapelton Lilly ponds and had a picnic and the kids had a play in the park.
And of course they all climbed some trees.


Naomi said...

Happy Birthday Tui! lots more boobing ahead i hope too :) The time goes too quick!


Anne said...

Happy Birthday Tui!....:)

Amber said...

Oh so sweet, happy birthday beautiful Tui. One year old and so special. Happy one year on to a wonderful mummy and daddy.
Stay safe little girl...xxx

suzanne said...

Hi Ariad

Happy Birthday to little Tui.. Happy breastfeeding!

Warm regards

hippymummy said...

happy birthday sweetie! How soon the time passes, they're grown and independant before we know it. I'm glad that she had a lovely day and look forward to sharing many more with her.... xXx

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