Friday, June 12

Home improvements

For Mr T's birthday P made him a work bench.

He loves it and is out there first thing every morning.
Serendipity played a part and his grandparents gave him some new tools.
And the neighbours brought him a box of wood.

He has been trying to count as big as he can lately and with the help of his new tape measure he made it all the way to 100.

Mr T and his big brother have been working on some improvements to the new Van Cubby house.

It now has a solar panel mounted on the roof and wired up so the lights and radio work...clever boys! Zan, Rain and Mr T slept out there the other night!
And my little one is learning to climb, and I mean climb... right up into the tree house!!!
ok, the first steps

thinking about it...

almost at the top...

look at me ma!

ooh, I'm pround of myself.

With monkeys like these as role models what can I expect!


Erin said...

OMG ... Look at Tui!!! That is too cute. Quite the climber for sure.
I'm also quite envious of Mr.T's birthday ... lol. He really got some cool & useful birthday gifts. Just lovely ...

Ariad said...

Yes, this year we decided to make as many gifts as we could instead of feeling like we had to buy new stuff. And it's going well so far...he loves the van and the work bench.

karenjane said...

wow, how clever are your boys rigging up a solar pannel for the cubby house! i agree, they were great gift ideas. i like that he got 'real stuff' rather than plastic toys

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