Tuesday, June 9

The Kings Birthday

It was my darling boys birthday yesterday. He was very excited to be turning five.

Playing his new drum that Zan re-strung for him

When he woke up he asked me if he could be King for the day, to which I replied that he could...funny because in this part of the world it was a public holiday for the Queens Birthday. So it was the King and Queens Birthday here!

We gave him a card and inside was the first clue to a teasure hunt so he could find his presents.

Zan carrying him around the block on his treasure hunt...the grass was cold and wet and
Mr T was too excited to go and put shes on!!!

His first pressie was an old van! I have been clearing it out for weeks. It has served as a storage area for a couple of years since was no longer drivable. But most of the stored stuff really wasn't worth keeping. I love throwing stuff away! Add a bit of paint, a bean bag and some pillows inside and you've got a new cubby house.
A beautiful birthday kiss..

Tui loves wraping paper!!!

Later in the morning our homeschool group turned into a birthday celebration.

Mr T and his best frend Little Red up a tree.

the girl on the trampoline...

duck, duck, goose...Zan, organizing some games for all the litle ones...

As usual everyone brought lush food to share, such yummy healthy food...it makes me drool just thinking about it.
But the cake, well, as unhealthy as could be...with mounds of chocolate and cream...



Ty-Anna said...

I love the van as a club house what a wonderful birthday celebration!

Anne said...

Happy 5th Birthday..:)

Wow! I love the van cubby-house.

karisma said...

Yay! Happy Birthday Mr T. Just love your new cubby house. I know a little girl who would want to move in with you! She loves those old vans! Yours is way cool!

Rain said...

i love the cubby it is really cool.

Sand and Sky Creations said...

Happy birthday! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time :-) Your cubby-house is awesome!

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