Tuesday, June 2

Come into the garden Maud

Come into the garden Maud
for the black bat night has flown...

This line is from one of my favourite Tennyson Poems and I always think of it as I'm walking up to the garden.

I love my garden and lately it's just getting better and better. Since we had the WWOOFers here and they dug another two beds, Peace has dug two more. So we now have double the room to grow delicious veggies. The idea is to be veggie self-sufficient soon. We will still have to buy some fruit until the fruit trees stat baring but it is a start. And we want to start selling boxes of veggies each week as well. It'd be good to get some kind of income from our land.

lovely beets

We plan to sell just one box a week as soon as we are growing enough and work our way up from there. It's all a mater of having a continuous supply...timing, getting the next batch of seedlings ready in time so they are planted out and coming on when an old crop is finishing...soundseasyfor some but a real trick when you are learning.

Cauliflowers growing bigger

Yesterday I planted out red cabbages and today more broccoli. The last crop of brocs are almost ready...so I hope I haven't left it too late. Kale is coming along nicely as are the Cauliflower. All the peas and beans I planted with the WWOOFers are tall enough to reach the fence now.
teenyweeny baby red cabbge

Peace has found a source of free sawdust so we have laid down cardboard and covered the paths with this. It's a really great weed suppressant and is nice to walk on. It also means that less time in the garden is spent weeding, mowing and whipper snipping the paths and more time is spent on the luscious plants themselves.
The lovely new paths, no more weeding...aahhh

Fresh, full of iron, beautifully curly leafed Kale

It looks like the last of the eggplants are almost ready. I love these long skinny ones. We've been eating truck loads for over three months now

Long and luscious Eggplants or Auberines to some...

There is so much more happening out there I can't mention it all. The cheeky rainbow Lorrkeets eating the manderines,the joey's; getting big enough to spend time outside their mothers' pouches, the herbs and the strawberries and figs...

Climbing peas


mscherrylane said...

gosh I so wish you lived down the road from me up I lived up the road from you! I'd SO come by each week to buy a delicious box of home grown organic produce from you!!

Erin said...

Oh my ... everything looks great!!!! Those eggplants are divine too. Yum. You guys did a really nice job with your gardens. These pics will serve as inspiration to us. Gonna show my hubby tonight...lol.

Erin said...

Oh, also wanted to mention what a great idea for your pathways that is, cardboard & sawdust. Makes good sense and looks nice too.

karisma said...

Yum! I think Im gonna come live with you Ariad. My garden is not as nice as it was a couple of months ago, its too cold and the bees are hiding! I have lots of tomato plants still but not a great deal of tomatoes. I do still have leek and aubergines though and some new spinach popping up.

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