Saturday, January 3

Picking the beads...

The jobes Tears I planted are finally ready! Today Mr T and I picked them off the bush. There weren't as many as I thought because the chickens had been out and had a little peck at them...or rather a big peck...we only got a handful. We planeted a couple so next year we will get more and tomorrow we are going to make a braclette out of the remaining ones.

Mungbean (that's the man formally known as Peace- his new name that he came up with all by himself...what was he thinking!?!?!?!?) started replacing the front door this week.

It has been rather a long project, with new year falling in the middle and then a couple of days of rain, but now it is almost done.

Here's a photo of the tarp covering the hole that was a door!

I'll post some photos when it's done...hopefully tomorrow as MB goes back to work next week!

Tui recieved sooo many pretty little dresses for xmas, so I'd better start showing some of them off!!!

And one of Rain, because she is staying at her cousins house and I miss her!

And Zan got back from his Dad's house yesterday. He had a great time over xmas and the new year so here's a photo of him levitating above the new trampoline!!!

Happy days and pixie dust to you all.


karisma said...

Oooh fun! CG is looking forward to planting hers, I need to get her some dirt for the pots we are all full in the garden at the moment.

That trampoline looks fantastic wish we had room for one.

Laughing at Mung-bean, is that really how he sees himself?

karenjane said...

darn chooks ey, mine ate all my nastursiums the other day. if only they knew the difference between a plant and a weed! tui looks beautiful in her new dress:)

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