Wednesday, January 7

The door is done! MB finished it yesterday.

The old door......

The new door!!!!

I think it looks much better, what do you think?

After that was done we went out to Charlie Moreland Park for a swim. There were heaps of people there but that's to be expected during holidays and with the weather how it is.

MB and the kids did some rock climbing...

...and someone had tied up a new rope swing which the kids enjoyed.

It was a beautiful lazy afternoon at the creek before MB had to go back to work today. But at least we've got a camping trip to look forward to on the weekend!!! Yay...I love camping


karenjane said...

gosh your kids are gorgeous, they look to have such adventurous spirits. the door looks realy nice. very fun and productive day by the looks of it:)

jodi said...

love the door and i'm sharing your enthusiasm for lazy afternoons in the heat x

hippymummy said...

Happy new door! How fab is that?! I bet you're thrilled, isn't that straight out of your room into your own outdoor paradise! Lucky lucky you!
It's still strange to see pictures outside in the sun, playing in water when over here it's freezing, been below freezing for days and we're all huddled around the open fire! **shiver**!!

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